Welcome, thanks for checking in! Currently all of our developer documentation is on GitHub. Here are some shortcuts, to help you find what you are looking for in our repository faster.

Open Integration Hub Framework

To get a better technical understanding of the framework and the concepts behind it, these links are a good place to start.

Service API Documentation

Most services can be accessed by an interface, described as REST API. Those APIs are relevant when running the framework in your own plattform. They allow managing the services or sending data to and within the framework.They also provide a good overview of the basic functionality of each service.

Standard Data Models

Standard data models are important components of the Open Integration Hub. They allow for a higher degree of automation and ensure reusability of connectors. The models are created by domain experts within the community, made available open source and can be expanded according to the rules set out in the data model repository.


A connector is the link between a business application and the Open Integration Hub. Anyone can develop such a connector or deploy existing open source connectors for their need.

Connector Development Q&A

Every monday 11:00-12:00 am (CET) you can get your questions answered in our weekly Q&A session. Feel free to attend and invite other people to this session.