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We are open source. The Open Integration Hub is a community driven project to create standards for the exchange of data. Anyone can participate, the more the better for everyone.


We are a community. Strong support by many companies assures alignment with the market needs as well as widespread use of the standard.

Community News

Next Level Framework: Project OIHplus started

Next Level Framework: Project OIHplus started

It has been a quite around here. But despite the low level of communication, we have been very busy behind the scenes. We secured funding for taking Open Integration Hub to the next level! As of May 1st we restarted our engines with new project: OIHplus. The first...

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Open Source

We are an open source project. Every contribution is appreciated and everyone can join. It doesn’t work however without some guidline and a formal structure, to keep the right focus for pushing the framework further.

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Robin Brinkmann

Robin Brinkmann

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