The Data Synchronization Revolution

Open source framework for easy data synchronization between business applications. To the frameworkInstall locally

Open Source

We are open source. Reduce time and costs for development and implementation by leveraging the community!


Reduce cost and time for development and maintenance of one integration and gain access to an ecosystem of solutions. The Open Integration Hub connects cloud and on-premise applications alike.


The Open Integration Hub is a free to use framework and already being implemented in many products. These platforms open up new channels to win customers.

Your Advantages of a Hub Model


Traditional integration means development and maintenance of multiple connections. Open Integration Hub requires only a single connection to the framework.

Advantages of a Hub Model

  • One Connector to the hub instead of one per application
  • Faster and cheaper development and maintenance
  • Standards allow higher degree of automation


The Open Integration Hub framework consists of technology, standard data models, guidelines, and an ecosystem of connected solutions. Depending on the business model, different parts are being used in different implementations of the framework. Popular scenarios include:


Platform providers use the framework and its connected solutions to realize new business models based on integration. For example, software marketplaces or integration tools, that offer easy process design across multiple applications.

Business Software

Software vendors use the Open Integration Hub to offer standard integrations. Their application becomes the nerve center for all of the customer’s integrations, adds missing functionality, and makes costly integration projects obsolete.

System Integration

Centrally storing data for analysis or access to consistent company data are typical challenges for system integrators and internal IT departments. The framework is used as an Enterprise Service Bus or Master Data Management.

Standardized Connectors

Connectors are standardized components that allow data flows between a solution and the framework. You can replicate and reuse them. There are many open source components. So before you start developing your own, check out what the community created already!

Voices of the Community

T-Systems International GmbH


“Demand is high. The task at hand is to transfer experience and proven technology to the cloud and avoid a slow evolution by the creation of open standards. A government funded, open source integration project satisfies the criteria to become a standard accepted by market. As a pioneer in cloud technolgies ,we as T-Systems welcome such a standard.” Ralf Hülsmann

Head of Partner Ecosystem | Digital Division - Cloud, T-Systems International

Voices of the Community

1&1 Ions SE


„For great user experience the synchronization of data across many applications is a fundamental topic for us. The Open Integration Hub’s open source philosophy and standardized technology will make this exchange possible. We as a company, our partners, and most importantly our customers will benefit from this project.“ Eric Tholomé

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | 1&1 Ionos SE

Voices of the Community

ELO Digital Office GmbH


„Find the right information where you need it – a vision for most companies, yet a way to certain success. In times of digital transformation, software integration is key and must be available to all. For the first time, the Open Integration Hub delivers an integration platform, with refreshingly revolutionary ideas, building a foundation for the future. Driving this project is important to us. Not only will we connect our software with the framework, but actively shape it.“ Nils Mosbach

Head of Business Solutions | ELO Digital Office GmbH

Community News

Next Level Framework: Project OIHplus started

Next Level Framework: Project OIHplus started

It has been a quite around here. But despite the low level of communication, we have been very busy behind the scenes. We secured funding for taking Open Integration Hub to the next level! As of May 1st we restarted our engines with new project: OIHplus. The first...

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