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Membership Model

Level of engagement, usage and benefits vary for each company active in the Open Integration Hub community, depending on their business model or customer requirements. Some build completely new platforms, some just a single integration for a customer. Higher contribution results in a bigger impact on the framework. Our membership model ensures a fair balance of contribution and influence.

All membership priveledges and conditions are in accrodance to the official open source charter. The fees are annual.

Governance Model

The Open Integration Hub is a community project and therefore values openness and participation. Anyone can contribute by pushing code on GitHub, giving feedback or spreading the word.

In order to process the communities input, guarantee quality, compatibility and compliance, very engaged members (so called committers) organize themselves in a common structure:


Committers with certain expertise are organized in workgroups in order to drive specific topics and process community input. For example, CRM experts work together on a standard data model for contacts and evaluate suggestions for new attributes or relations from the community.


The committees consist of elected committers from different workgroups. They decide on general topics concerning everyone in order to ensure consistency, focus and efficiency. The committees are responsible for execution of the strategic goals and run operative programms like the product backlog, community building or release planning.


Strategic decision on the Open Integrations Hub’s direction are made by the board. Member of a certain level gain a seat, as well as holders of leading functions in the project such as  Product Manager or Committee Manager. The board takes over decisions that cannot be made unanimously by the committee and shapes the overall governance of the project.


All components of the Open Integration Hub are published on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 licence. This allows a very open use of the framework, even for commercial purposes. All rights remain with the contributors.

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