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We are open source. The Open Integration Hub is a community driven project. Anyone can participate, the more the better for everyone.

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Open Source

We are an open source project. Every contribution is appreciated and everyone can join. It doesn’t work however without some guideline and a formal structure, to keep the right focus for pushing the framework further.

Official Members

These companies take an active role in the development of the framework and support the community with their contributions.

Strategic Member

Integration Member

Connected Member


The board makes strategic decisions about the direction of the Open Integration Hub.

Frank Türling

Frank Türling

CEO Cloud Ecosystem e.V.

Selim Achmerzaev

Selim Achmerzaev

CTO Basaas GmbH

Jürgen Schüssler

Jürgen Schüssler

CEO Wice GmbH

Wolfgang Schmidt

Wolfgang Schmidt

Member of the Board Cloud Ecosystem e.V.

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