Development support – ask your questions every Monday!

The community grows and more and more people develop connectors. Our documentation is still improving and we feel the need to offer additional sources for support. As with everything else we do, we focus on creating things that can be generalized and scaled. We are currently working on standardized video courses so anyone interested, can learn about the Open Integration Hub on their own time.

We also offer a weekly QA session for developers working on a connector. It takes place every Monday 10:00-11:00 am. Please join to ask your questions directly or contact us via slack or e-mail!

GoToMeeting Link:
Phone (Germany): +49 692 5736 7317
Access-Code (Germany): 456-709-357


Additional domains – your feedback is needed!

Standard data models are an important part of the Open Integration Hub framework and a basis for automating data synchronization. The standards also ensure, that connectors can be implemented in any platform that uses the framework including standard data models, without having to customize them.

We already got the following domains covered:

  • Adresses / contacts
  • Products
  • Documents
  • Collaboration (e-mail, calendar, tasks)

Now we are looking for new areas to explore and try to identify what will provide most value to the community. Therefore we need your input! Lets us know what domains you would like to use and what exactly is important in that specific area:

As an open source project, we also need experts for each domain, that are willing to work on standardization and contributing to the community. Please get in touch if you are interested!


Basic trello adapter – Cloud Ecosystem gives you a treat!

Connectors are the technical components allowing us to exchange data with a solution. As they are standardized, any new connector is a potential business partner for you or integration your customer can use. The more connectors we have, the more powerful and valuable the framework gets for all of us.

So the Cloud Ecosystem takes one for the team. We started with our first adapter as a free contribution to the community! The functionality is quite basic so far, but we all have to start somewhere – and after all, we are open source, so feel free to add your code! Check it out: