It is done! We just published the first standard data models for addresses and products on GitHub!

You find the repository here.

Unified data models are an important part of standardized data exchange. Attributes, relations and meta data are usually different in every application. So in traditional integrations you have to understand the schemas of all solutions you want to connect and map them. Standards give you a common understand of what the data should look like. thats why there is a ton of standard models out there, some being used more than others.

What is our approach to standardization?

Standard data models are always developed for a a certain domain, like products, contacts or documents. Frist, community member with a certain expertiese within a domain create a base model. It makes sense for instance, to let CRM experts describe, what a contact should look like. These models have to comply wioth Open Integration Hub guidelines and aim for reusability and a design, that allows change and adoption of the model. Then we evaluate existing standards and leading software solutions in a field. It is important to create a model that doesnt go against existing best practises, but can coexist with them, in order to ensure compatibility. The resulting model is then published on GitHub in order to get feedback by the community.

So now its your turn! Does the model cover all fields necessary for your use cases? Is there something missing? Is the documentation sufficient?

We are looking for your feedback!