Open Integration Hub 1.0.0

August 16th



  • Run Open Integration Hub locally with Minikube. Now available for Linux and Windows – check out the guide!

New features and improvements

  • Data Hub – first version released to enable central data storage within the framework (Data Hub)
  • IAM – simplified membership schema (Issue)
  • Integration Layer Service – ILS now fetches models from Meta Data Repository (Issue)
  • Meta Data Repository – API docs improvements: additional status codes documented (Issue)
  • SDF Adapter – first version released (SDF Adapter)
  • Service interaction – Audit log, Component Repository, Flow Repository & Secret Service now handle global IAM events
  • Web UI – Meta Data Repository is now integrated (Issue)
  • Web UI – Roles management is now integrated (Issue)


Bug fixes

  • Meta Data Repository – 500 status code at bulk import fixed (Issue)
  • Meta Data Repository – localhost removed from metadata $id (Issue)
  • Postman – prerequest script now renews tokens (Issues)


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